Monday, December 8, 2008

Alterations--Discount time

Hey all,
I wanted to let you know that from now until the first of 2009 all alterations are at a discounted price for the holiday season. I have posted my price list for this little discount below. If you need something done and do not see it on the list please do not hesitate to call me. I am also doing another little discount trick too. For those of you with 7 or more garments I will charge you at an hourly rate of $30 an hour, this can sometimes drop your bill significantly, I will do whichever price is cheaper. All garments recieved by January 1, 2009 will qualify for the discount program. I will post the 2009 revised alterations list that day also.

Call me, Laura at 480-650-8927 or email me at and we will get a time set up. I will come to you or you are free to come to me.

Pants (straight stitch) $10.00
Pants (blind hem) $12.00
Pants with cuff $20.00
Skirts, Dresses (straight stitch) $10.00
Skirts, Dresses (blind hem) $15.00
Skirts, Dresses full or pleated $20.00
Formal dresses $40.00
Wedding dresses $50.00 & up
Coats $20.00
Coats lined $25.00
Drapes each panel starting at $17.00
Drapes each panel lined $25.00
Shirt sleeves $10.00
Shirt sleeves cuffed $15.00
Suit coat sleeves $15.00
Suit coat sleeves lined $20.00
Suit coat sleeves lined with split $25.00

Slacks, Skirts $15.00
with lining $18.00
Replace Elastic $15.00
Replace elastic w/lining rev $20.00

TAPERING: ie.if your pant leg is too wide or your skirt is too full.
Pants, skirts $18.00
with lining $20.00

Resew Button $2.00
New Button $2.50 ea
Hook and Eye / Clasp $4.00
Button Holes $4.00

Repair waist $6.00 & up
Repair hem $6.00 & up
Repair hem with cuff $8.00
Repair seam $6.00-$12.00
Repair hole $3.00-$8.00
Repair snag $3.00
Repair strap $3.00
Split skirt/slack $8.00
Crotch, rear, butt $6.00-$8.00
Resew belt loops $4.00-$6.00
Straps, Ties $6.00-$8.00

Custome alterations (ie, wanting the top of one dress put on the bottom of a second. A full garment produced) $30 an hour.

Again my number is 480-60-8927 and email is