Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Did we not tell you? We are hairdressers now and this is what we did. (this was a couple of months ago but unforgettable)


you can still see the ponytail holder still in their.

When I asked her "why?" she said, "I had to take my pony out." meaning she was cutting her ponytail holder out. Heath says to her "So sad now you don't have princess hair" he says to him matter of factly, "I have princess hair in the back still DAD!" and she looked at him like " Duh, Dumbass". And the sad thing is this is the second time she has cut her hair...she is doomed to always have a bob, it's going to take years to grow out. Sad. Very sad.

we ARE alive...Barely.

I cannot believe that baby Luke is almost four months old. It is crazy and sad how fast life goes by. plus the poor baby has been sick since he was a month old. Between sick baby, on and off sick everyone else, preschool, dance, school, doctor and then laundry, dishes and house I have not been able to blog but my little man went to bed early tonight and I have got it all accomplished already YEAH!!! So here a some pictures of him from birth to now, in no order. He is so big it is amazing.

This was like his one week borthday. I love his hands he has big hands.

He LOVES to get his guys he loves toys and anything colorful. he gets this totally concentrated look on his face, its adorable.

Okay his face just kills me in this pic. He hates this seat so it is just perfect in describing his hatred of it.

How sweet is he? I die, he so dang cute. fyi this shirt fit him for like 2 weeks, he's a fatty.

My boys, Luke loves Mo. He smiles whenever he see's him, they sit together every morning while I get the girls ready. He was tired this morning. We just love having thi sweet baby he definitely completes our family and he has such a sweet little personalty...even if i do get to see it a little too often in the middle of the night.