Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy, busy

So Why has it been so long since I have blogged? Well, let me fill you in on last week. I am getting ready for a sewing contest, I have to use simplicity patterns. They are not ready yet but here are a few teaser pictures.

This is a skirt for one of my outfits. It is this awesome purple brocade with an asian print on it. It is embelished with black piping in the seams, and it looks amazing.

Outfit number 2 is a cheetah print high waisted skirt that will have some black satin faux pockets on the front.

I did a skirt for a friend, that is really cute I may end up making myself one.
Mo's preschol had a little water party so we went to that. He also had his graduation, pics still to come.

Here are a couple of pictures. The little brunette is Kaitlin and I am pretty sure he has a little crush. At one point he was resting his hand on her was so cute.

And of course little miss "I will never stop nursing". That;s right if she isn't nursing then we are fighting about nursing. I cannot get her to stop and it is driving me crazy. I think I may have to go cold turkey on this one.

We are doing some home repair. These are our new door knobs, aren't they cute, I love them. We had the hideous gold ones before.

And let us not forget girls camp preperations. This is the leaders flag which still is not done, but I am getting to I promise.

One zipper alteration, For my sis-in-law.

And then there was the 2 swimsuit alterations and a pair of swimshorts, And let us not forget the dailey laundry and dish exploits either. And lets throw in Heaths 2 migrains this week also. This was a week where I thought I would die. But I got it ll done and had enough time to spare for my fantastic husband and children.

Making a door-- part deux

So FINALLY here is the finished product. Sorry it has taken me so long to post it. My next post will explain my absence more fully. Anyways I think the door turned out pretty cool. it is painted like a cave and then we did a vinyl sticker of a dragon in the cave. Mo helped so much and loves it he shows it to everyone.

Thanks to my sis Melissa for helping me paint it, you are great and we miss you. And thank you Sue for the sticker it makes the door so awesome. And thanks to Heath for not being upset that we turned the door into a fearsom cave, he puts up with so much from his crazy wife.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making a door

So my mother, sister and I thought it would be awesome if we painted Morgin's door like a cave with a dragon in it. I am redoing the kids' rooms and thougt it would look good with the decor. Well first of all it was alot of work, but it was super fun. Mo even helped and he did a really good job. So here are my teaser pictures to get you all interested and I will post pictures of it done soon.

While we slaved away making a door little miss Leila sat on the floor doing this. By the time we realized what she was doing there were napkins all over the place torn into a gazillion peices. She is so stinking cute though so we let it slide.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring cleaning

Hey guys! For any of you who missed last weeks boutique this one will be even better. All OOH-LA-LA inventory will be on sale. "We are Spring Cleaning" our inventory and getting ready for new things. Car seat covers will be as low as $100, hair accessories from $1, and blessing gowns from $100. Can't wait to see you there.