Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black Friday

Okay who doesn't love black friday? I was up at 3:00 waiting in line at Toys R us. We had the weirdest guy standing in line behind us, the kind of guy who keeps talking to you even though you clearly are not interested in what his girlfriend and mom are fighting about this time. Well anyways we made our way in and spent like $200 on fantastic chrstmas toys. We then headed over to Target and waited in their line to go into the most unholy of messes I have ever been to. Yes there was shoving and pushing...and I am not proud to admit but there may have even been some taudry words that were said. I was not very impressed with Target.

My in laws are not fans of Black Friday but if you ask me it is one of the best days of the year. Le's face it, it's the only day of the year that you can truly be rediculously malicious and get away with it. yes I did push and shove and grab...out of other people's hands but hey its the game right? my neice went with me this year and it was fantastic because NONE of my lazy sisters got out of bed to come with me and my mom...we were lone rangers on the hunt. I am so dumb.

Monday, November 26, 2007


So to make christmas shopping easy I have posted some of my stuff. We have on here Tutu's, Capes, bibsters, burp rags, Valise's (suitcase), Binky Buddy's, and hair bows. This is not all of it but just a peek. If you see anything you like give me en email at laurawdavis@hotmail.com or you can visit my etsy store through my OOH-LA-LA BY LAURA link. now the shop is not even close to full so if you want something custome or from this blog let me know.

Tutu's are fabulous for little girls. I can make them in any color and I also do ribbon accents if you want. they are so precious on little girls.

theses are the bibsters they are perfect gifts for babies.

My kids absolutely love their Valise's they take them everywhere.

the capes have got to be one of my favorites. I give them to all my nieces and nefew's. I can make them say anything and pretty much be able to put any character or sign you want.

hair bows are always a must and make really cute gift toppers.

this is one of my car seat covers they are made of upholstery fabric, padded for comfort and can fit pretty much any car seat. by the way with my cover you can still use your seat belt clips on the side, many covers go over them so you can't use it anymore.

Binky buddy's are a great gift for babies and new mom's. we can also match bibsters to a binky buddy if you want.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


The Artfest is comming to town and yours truly is in attendance. I could not get the flier to download (computer retard) so This is gonna be it. It is on November 17th and 18th from I believe 9am-5pm. The Fest is being held at the Scottsdale Civic Center, for the address and directions go to www.888artfest.com. There is also a survey you can fill out to possibly win $500 artbucks, AWESOME!!! There is food, music, jewelry, fine art of the best kind, They even have a childrens booth for all of you with kids. Your children can make a craft and take it home, it's really cool. Plus my awesome booth will be there, so I really hope you guys come...and bring some friends.