Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Toy!

As if we need any new toys, Heath has decided to bring home a wii. It actually started with the revelation that another male is soon to joing the Davis bunch. Yes that's right the very same Wednesday that we found out that we were having another boy Heath must have had a fit of joy and ran out and purchased a wii. He comes home and says, "I have bought something to spoil the kids", aka.something for Mo and I, as the girls do not play video games.

He shows me this:

He them shows me this...which yes I have been playing all week and it is a glorious game.

We have also been doing alot of this.

and this.

And I will soon make Heath purchase me this, because nothing says working out and getting fit like a VIDEOGAME.

I must admit this is not as lame as I previously thought, it is actually alot of fun. We also got a Star Wars game and it is alot of fun too, and I do not even like fighting/killing games. And so kudos to you nintendo you have turned me into a husband and child killing machine (yes, I am really good at the Star Wars game Heath is proud). And so my friends if any are up for a wii night let us know we are game, but be warned we may kick your trash.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mo's day.

So I woke Mo up this morning at 7am. This is frightfully early for him as per the fact that he is as much a morning person as Heath is, bringing to light the fact that they believe 8am to be "early". Anyways I wake him up feed and dress him and then we all load into the car. FYI the girls and I were dressed and ready by 7:15am, we do not mind the mornings.

As we arrive at our destination he is more then happy to get out of the vehicle as we have been driving for a good 45 minutes, that's right folks we went in to MESA! We make it to my appointment and in to see the specialist and she then asks, "would you like to know what it is?" we answer "YES!!!" and she says "That's a boy! Your gonna have a brother." Mo then replies "YES!!!!" (in the hulk voice that all little boys have and love). And I pretty much believe that the following pictures describe how he feels much more then any words could ever do.

This is , and I would venture to guess, the best day Mo has had ever. And it was pretty good for me too. Heath had guessed that it was a girl, he has been right with the last 3 and I had no reason to doubt him yet I doubted and I was for ONCE right.

So yes we are having another little Heath, a BOY!!! I am so excited because Heath and Mo are so excited. Here is our list of names and mind you it is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I am terrible with boy names.
Heath: Ace and Luke
Laura: Ace, Luke, Tristan, Garrett
Morgin: Anakin, Leo (as in Leonardo, the ninja turtle), and Goku (from Dragon Ball Z)
Hailey: Prince Phillip, Baby Korbyn (Debbie's baby) and "Anakin is probably okay"
Leila: "Baby sister", and "I a big sister!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day--scariest book ever

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all you wonderful mothers out there I hope you all have a wonderful day and your family is as good to you as mine have been.

It is currently 2:53pm and I would LOVE to share my highlights with you.

7:00am, Leila enters my room crying and shaking. The conversation is as follows:

Leila: Mommy I scared.
Mommy: What are you scared of baby? (pulling her up to my bed and praying to God that she will just go to sleep so I can sleep in on this lovely day of Mother's)
L: The scary duck will get me.
M: What scary duck?
L:the scary bad duck in the scary duck book. (yes her vocab is this good at barely 2)
M: It's okay Mommy will keep you safe, lets go to sleep.
L: (histerical) Mom the ducky book will get me. (literally shaking)
M: Okay lets go get the book.

We then get up and retrieve said scaru duck book and I try to put it up on the fridge.

L: NO!!! The duck will get me from up up high.
M: what do you want me to do with it?
L: frow it in the garbage. The big garbage outside.
M: Okay.

I do NOT throw perfectly good, adorable books away, so I go out front and put it in the car.

L: Thank you Mommy you saved me.

This is one reason why I absolutely love being a mother and having a 2 year old.

Here is the scary book you may all want to hide your copy, just in case. What isa funny is this is a super cute book. I am not sure why she thinks the duck is so scary.

My second lovely memory of today would be Hailey. After waking up and taking the book out I was pretty disheveled, AKA I needed a shower. I get Leila some breakfast and Hailey asks me to get her some. So I lean down give her a hug and say " Good morning sweet girl, did you sleep well?" Well my sweet girl leans away and says "Mom, your breath stinks and you need a shower, your hair looks terrible!" My reply "I love you to (your breath reaks too but you don't see me singing it)"
I LOVE being a Mother.
And my last memory of today was this morning when I finished getting ready, yes I showered. anyways I walk out and Heath says " hey beautiful" and Morgin say's " she's not beautiful Dad she's GEORGEOUS!!!"
I absolutely love my children and Heath for being so kind as to supply me with them and the means to be a stay at home mom, it is the hardest most frustrating and often disgusting but I wouldn't trade it for anything.