Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay I would like to appologize to my like 3 readers for not updating in like a year, jeeze I am lazy. I am not going to lie I have had the time to do it I just haven't. SO I guess I will start with updates.

Heath- He is doing well. Work has been pretty busy so that is a plus. He knee hasn't been bugging him as much either so also a plus. And he has gotten to do some Dove hunting trips with my brother and Mia's boy Aaron. Also he has a birthday next week. October 9th he will turn the big 25! Can you believe he is so old?

Morgin- Mo has started kindergarten at Eduprize and he loves it. His teacher is Mrs.Klump and she is so sweet and amazing. He is reading and spelling and it is just amazing to see and help with his learning and progression. Kids truly are amazing. He is forgoing soccer this season on account of his little bro comming so soon, but is excited to do it this winter. He is also skateboarding like a pro, okay like a pro in my eyes, I can't believe the balance he has.

Hailey- Miss is doing preschool this year and she is likewise incredible. She is our quiet genious where as Mo likes to broadcast his. She is doing great at all her beginning sounds and getting down her prereading skills. She is also extremely adorable. She has grown like a weed this summer and is almost as big as Morgin is. She is our little mother and is so excited for luke to get here so she can take care of him.

Leila- Oh, where to start with little sassy pants. Her favorite thing to say to me when she gets mad is "your not my friend anymore" and "Mia's not your friend" (Mia is my little sister, yeah she hits below the belt) I am not quite sure where exactly she learned either of those but she likes to belt them out whenever she can. She is also into the terrible horrible two's. In other words she does not like to listen to us, and she does not like to follow the rules, and she yells alot. But at the same time she is so much fun. She has the most amazing imagination and will come up with the most adorable games to play with herself. Her vocab is amazing she speaks like a 4 year old and she looks like a 3 year old. She is so tall it is crazy.

Laura- Well I am about to pop literally. I am due in a week and it feels like I have been pregnant for a year I swear. My Due date is Saturday, October 3rd, but I do not see it happening on time, hopefully I am wrong. We have definitely decided on Luke for the babies name but are unsure of the middle name, I like Daniel after my little brother. My wonderful mother and I started preschool in August and we have the most amazing class this year we couldn't be happier...well it would be nice if Leila wasn't such a stinker. She is learning the rules just not obeying them, oh to be 2 1/2. Well hopefully the next post will be a baby post and really tomorrow (HAHAHA).