Sunday, August 31, 2008

We are Chinese..are you

So we went out to eat at this hole in the wall chinese place (it was delicious). Anyways I guess Miss Hailey didn't feel as though she looked as chinese as the rest of her family. I am half in case anyone didn't know, my dad is from China. Well Miss decided to take matters into her own hands and, with the aid of her trusty chopsticks, she helped genetics out a bit and got some beautiful almond eyes. Isnt she so cute...and ethnic. She definitely takes after the Davis side. Leila is obviously a Wong.

Next up was a nice "Mole' impression. My dad has this mole on his cheeck (he calls it his "sexy mole"). My children are obsessed with it for some reason. I believe she has a pot sticker in there. But she is so cute is always doing the funniest crap...esspecially with props.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So yesterday this adorable little girl starts crying in the hall. When I ask her what happened she cries "Bite! Ouch!" so I pick her up and ask her where she got bit and she shows me her arm, which has 4 perfectly clear little teeth marks. I then say "ooh, did you bite yourself?" she then screams "YES! OUCH!". It was so cute. She totally bit her own arm, hard enough to leave prints behind. Poor little thing, it was so cute and dang funny.

Our little Leila has been talking up a storm the last few weeks. Some of my favorites are bite (of course), mine, no, hailey (which is more like He-ee), please (pees), drink and I love Nana (banana). yesterday when we were painting she said red, blue, yellow, and purple, but those were just mimicks she doesn't know what they are yet. But I cannot believe how big she is getting already. I miss her being a baby, she is definitely the baby of the family but I miss her being an actual infant. This is however one of my favorite ages. They are so much fun to play with and they are so explorative and just sweet and fun. I love it. Sometimes I think I am too blessed, like what did I do to deserve such a great life ( but we all probably think this right?).

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Move

Okay so we have officially moved into our new house...And I lost my camera during said move so no pictures for you, so sad. Anyways it has been a crappy couple of weeks with painting and packing and children and cleaning oh my. A special thank you to Bruce Davis, Ben Opfel, and Adam Webster for having extremely large muscles that help so much in moving a TON of crap. I am pretty excited to get things moving aka. unpacked so until next time Happy Monday.