Thursday, March 19, 2009

What has been going on

Well we have done alot of crap since I last posted but my camera is still being a bastard so there is no showing you yet.

We took a fun family trip up to Flagstaff to play in the snow and it was a BLAST!!! we threw snow balls. One hit Leila right in the face it was the funniest most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed. We also went sleding which the girls absolutely Loved. I knew Mo would like it but I wasn't sure about Hailey and Leila. They could not get enough of it. Mia fell pretty bad after a big hill and a big jump. Leila was so cute. she kept looking down the hill at Mia saying" Aunt Mia fall down! Oh no. Aunt Mia hurt, oh, give her loves, she okay? oh no". Her response was so cute.

I registered Morgin for Kindergarten! I know this doesn't seem like a pivotal moment for some, but this is my baby, and he's going to go to KINDERGARTEN. I am not freaking out yet but come august I am sure I will be in shambles, or praising the education system for having kindergarten, AKA I may be sick of him by then.

Our insurance company has decided to be a bunch of bastards and tell us that they are NOT going to cover any of this pregnancy and labor. This event has been the most catastrophic to me. For some reason I find this to be very stressfull. Heath on the other hand just says "we'll be fine we always are. I love you don't worry about it." yes, yes he is very sweet but I am a stresser, it's what I do. So I have been trying to figure out what all our options are. I am leaning towards blowing them all up (I am totally just kidding no one call the police). But I really do hate them all, right now anyways.

Heath has torn his muniscus in his knee again. Luckily he is in no pain so the doc says we should just leave it be, so we will. He will need a knee replacement in 20 years.

Spring break was this week so we went to the zoo on Monday with Deb, my mom and Venetia. We had a blast it was really busy though. Tuesday we went to the museum with my aunt and her grandson and then Mo went and played over there, while I drove to Phoenix to FINALLY purchase sitting chairs for our front room, I love them. Wednesday Mo went to a friends house and Hailey's friends came over and us moms did Hairbows. And Today we went back to the Zoo it was CRAZY. we had to park at the stadium and be bussed over. It was so busy but so much fun. We have had one of the best spring breaks this year. I am sorry to start the routine back up.

Happy time off school, Laura