Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Growing up!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS!!! Thats right my little Hailey is now TWO, where does the time go? They are growing up too fast and it makes me so sad. I feel like she shouldn't be two yet. when asked what she wanted for her b-day she replied, "a cake....AND A BALLOON!!" yep she screamed that one. I feel so old at 22.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Grocery shopping

My children love to swim. It's the first thing they ask in the morning. They are lucky enough to have my sister Mia for an aunt. she's the best. She always comes swimming with us, it's hard to swim with the kids because the baby can't. I am so happy Amy refinished her pool, I had no idea what I was going to do this summer without an all-access pass but thankfully I won't have to think about that anymore. She did pebble sheen is so nice her pool looks amazing. The kids are so funny they will not even go near the pool without their life jackets on, which is so nice because it makes me feel alot safer. My mom found Hailey the cutest little pink vest, it is so cute. She totally bites your head off if you try and take it she loves the dumb thing.
Well, I braved the grocery store again. Every time we go it gets alot easier. Well....Hailey pooped, leila woke up and was starving and Morgin did not want to go into the playplace. So all in all it was a good trip. And by the way I love that Bashas has the Cub house it makes it way easier to shop. Hailey's not old enough but Morgin loves it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Who doesn't love a sunday morning? All the running around trying to get diapers changed, shoes on, hair done, clothes on, kids fed, and then after all that you have to get your teeth brushed and clothes on...great times. I walked out the door this morning and into the car with no shoes on!!! But I have to say I love to go to church with my family. Hailey is so cute in nursery. She absolutely loves the teacher, she only plays with him. Morgin is in love with his teacher, literally he thinks she is as pretty as cinderella (his crush). The primary chorister says he sings louder than any other kid in primary and he sings along perfectly, he is very musical. i teach the 7 turning 8 year olds and I have to say they give me a run for my money. They are really good kids though, 5 have already been baptised. I have a class of 9. Yes I said 9.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Okay, well I have no idea what exactly a blog is but Cassie (my fabulous sister has talked me into doing it). and yes my free time is at 12:20 at night.
So Heath and I (Laura) along with our two kids Morgin and Hailey, have welcomed yet another addition to our little growing family. Leila Reese Davis arrived on April 4, 2007 at 11:37pm she was 8lb 1oz and 20in long, my smallest one yet. we have adapted to three kids and are getting used to our new life. Most nights are short and the days are long, as any mother would say, but I absolutely adore being a stay at home mother.
Morgin is almost four and a ball of fire. He has just finished a music class and in the process he learned a whole slew of songs and how to whistle. he is a little musician, he can carry a beat better then me. He loves sports as well, we play soccer and T-Ball almost everyday, but he loves to run the best. He is such a good big brother. My favorite time is to watch Morgin giving Hailey rides on his quad, he makes sure she is holding on so she won't fall off.
Hailey will be two in a week and a half and i do not know where all the time has gone. She is the most adorable little thing ever. She has just had a growth spurt so she is so big and talking so much. She absolutely adores her new baby sister and loves her to death, literally she is right in her bouncer with her. Hailey is all girl her favorite thing to do is paint her nails, which we do almost every day. She spends alot of her time with jewelry. She is just getting into pretending and she loves to have her dolls talk. she looks up to her brother so much and is the biggest copy cat. she will do anything Morgin does.
Leila is getting so big now! She is 6 weeks already I do not know where all the time went. She is such a mama's girl, she cries when anybody but me holds her. She is smiling so much it melts my heart. she is the happiest little baby, except when she is being loved to death as previously disscussed. she grew 3lb and 2 in in her first month, yeah she's a big one but a freakin cute one.