Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was going through pictures and I realised that there are a total of 10 pictures of me from 2004 to now. They are all HIDEOUS let me tell you. most of them are right ofter giving birth in the hospital so I don't really count those. So here it is guys the one picture I have of me where I haven't just given birth. I got to tell I am a little pissed off at this new finding. And apperently I am Venom...jump back.

How sad is it that in the only picture I have of myself I am a boy with bad posture? My how I have come since high school. Heath is a lucky, LUCKY man!

Friday, September 21, 2007

What an animal

This is Mo at about 10 months old. I can't believe how big he is now. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Cory McClaws took this while we were visiting Cali a few years back. Mo was such an intertainer, he would preform on a dime I tell you. But how stinkin cute is he ?...really. He was such a young speaker it amazes me, he spoke so clear and so well...CRAZY.

Mucha mucha moostache.

Check out this sweet moostache on my sisters boyfriend Aaron. She made him get rid of it, DAMN HER!!!

I don't know who's kid that is, she doesn't know I stole this picture off her camera (which she was loaning me out of the goodness of her heart, that'll teach her for being nice).


So for the last two weeks I have been sewing seat covers like my life depended on it. I made 480 seat covers in exactly dos weeks, for an active retirement community. It was alot of work let me tell you. I am pretty proud of myself. Now on to prepararions for a boutique the first weekend in october. I will post the info when I get it. I love getting something Giant accomplished.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This would be the optimus prime costume that Mo wants for me to make him for halloween. Normally whenever he wants a costume I whip out the needle and get to work but this is extreme, I may be skilled with the needle but the master has been trumpped with this baby. It, by the way, is fully transformable. That's right pic on right guy is sitting, pic on left he stands up and transforms. some geeks in Japan just burnned dear old mommy and she is not happy...anyone have any spare cardboard I need to get to work ASAP. Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A happy cast off

So i have finally downloaded the pictures of Miss' cast. The first one is her getting it on. And the next few glorious pics are of the removal. they actually use a saw. Hailey wasn't scared but she did keep saying, "don't cut my leg off lady or i'll be really really angry." That's right angry, and yes she learned that word from me.

When they took the cast off we straight up found a leaf, a twig, and a small handfull of dirt. Her toes, despite all my wiping were so skanky.

And best of all her foot looked like when you let glue dry on your skin, peely but not like dead skin, and oh was it dirrty. She walked funny for a couple of days but she is doing so much better now. She still runs really funny but, hey it gives us a good laugh. We are just so thankful the spiral fracture on her tibia didn't reach her growth plate, or we would have been in trouble. I swear of all my children i am glad it was her who did it, she was so good with the cast. She is such a trooper I mean she hardly complained if any. She is my little girl who just goes with everything she is so easy and boy am i glad because she is right inbetween mr.High maintenence and a new baby. She is such a sweet loving girl. I am glad she can put this whole nasty casty behind her. Every now and then when she wants to be carried she will pull the I have a broken leg card and expect it too have credit. God bless her.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Time flies

This was one of Leila's very first pictures. She was 8lbs and 20 inches, my smallest baby yet. She was so good in the hospital. She hardly cried at all. She was so cute she has been the only one of my babies who would fully open her eyes this young. She is so stinkin cute.

This is Leila at two months she suprisingly did not change all that much from birth to two months. She was such a big mama's girl at this age. She would not let anyone hold her except me, and daddy...sometimes, she was totally a mom's girl. I love her dark, dark eyes and black hair they are so striking. She does look a bit retarded in this pic though, she is just concentrating so hard.

And here she is now at 5 months I can hardly believe it has been so long. She is still such a good baby. She sits and takes all the "love" that her Brother and sister give her, and by love I mean smushing, pinching, smothering, tickling, and extremely high pitched baby talk, and she smiles and loves evey minute of it. She now has been sitting up for a couple of weeks. She has got the best fine motor skills I have ever seen. She can straight up pull her brothers hair. She is such a happy baby and loves having her siblings and every other child right in her face playing with her. She is still a big Mama's girl, but she is a big time Daddy's girl too. The minute Heath gets home she wants him and not me, it's the only time she'll cry when I have her. She wants so badly to eat but she is still too little, she loves to have water though it makes her feel like a big girl. I think that she looks like me but gorgeous, I can't believe how dark her hair and eyes are and, yes she inherited my dopey ears that stick out a little, hopefully she will grow into them, I'm still trying to. Anyways I can't believe how time flies I feel like just yesterday I was bringing Mo home from the hospital. I am so glad that we decided to have another baby because Leila truly makes our family that much more...It's crazy how you can't imagine yourself without these little guys and they've only been around for 4 years or less.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Maybe we are whitetrash?

So my Brother in law Neil has decided to embark on a little business venture. So calling all BBQ lovers. Looky, looky...

That's right my friends this is a giant meat smoker. It holds something like 200 chilckens, I don't know maybe even more. So like I said I may have to take back that comment about us being whitetrash, 'cause if the beater fits, right? It may be big and it may cook hundreds of pounds of meat but I will tell you the food is amazing. So anyone interested in having anything catered please visit The food is so spectacular we don't even mind if it's a little whitetrash.

By the way don't pay attention to the stickers these are the first pictures taken...we didn't have time to change the stickers yet.


It is totally unfair that my two year old's hair looks way better than my own. This picture is after bath, notice the thickness and flipping of the hair, how is this possible. I work for an hour to get my hair to look like this. I am so glad she got the good hair gene.

how sweet is unkle Daniel? He is such a good brother.
He always plays with my kids and he even babysits, i know great huh? Miss absolutely loves Daniel, and he is Mo's favorite too.
I am so glad to have such a good little brother he is pretty good looking too, not that you can tell from his box head. But back to the anyone else as jealous as I am of a two year olds beautiful, natural hair? She is so LUCKY!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Fabulous day

Have you ever had a day where you were like, "that couldn't have gone better" ? Today was that day, and what is crazy is last night I was up till 4am with Leila and she and I both are still sick today. Hailey and Mo let me have an hour nap this morning, they were awesome when we ran to the store for meds and milk, and then we cleaned their rooms and played together without any fights. I thought I was in heaven, it was a perfect day. Then after dinner Heath left to go to his Bro's house for some Fantasy football fun, yes I married a dork but a freaking hot dork so it's okay. Well I thout it would be a rough night but they all went to bed fast and without a fight and have not woken up since and it's 11. On top of it all I did 3 loads of laundry, dishes, and swept and mopped the floors and made cookies, I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow I will have nothing to do that never happens to me. All I gotta say is that was a much needed perfect day! thank you to my great children, I am so lucky they really are awesome, I guess I'll keep them.
I think this picture is adorable of them. Yes, that is a pink floyd T-shirt my son is wearing. They obviously dressed themselves, don't they look so cute? I think so.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


That's right crap. That is what everyone at the Davis house feels like. We are all stinkin sick and it sucks. The sneezing, stuffy noses, coughing, and headaches are plentiful, not to mention all the whining and crying. poor Leila is even sick. she has been crying all day today, just miserable. Mo is on the upswing of it, Hailey is doing a little better, but Leile has it bad, and i'm not too great either. Heath says he's not feeling to hot now either, GREAT. I hate being sick.