Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So after lunch the other day I went to the Car to get some stuff out. When I got back this is what I found. Leila sitting on the flor devouring an oreo cookie. Hailey had gotten into th pantry for a cookie and was such a nice sister to share with her baby.

notice the face in this next picture. The double armed cramming motion is by far one of my favorites. And please do not fail to notice that she has it all the way down n her little tosies.

Photo shoot

My fantastic sister-in-law is the best photographer you will ever see. Se so willingly ventured out with me, 7 children and boxes full of OOH-LA-LA inventory to do a photo shoot for my up and comming website. We first went to a laundromat, which yes does seem like an odd place for pictures but let me tell you it was amazing. The pictures are so cute. We then ventured a little further to down town mesa, right next to the rustic hutch ( I think that was the store, but honestly cannot remember), anyways those pictures were amazing as well. My kids did great at the landromat but were pretty spent by the time we made it to our second destination. We of course have to go out again because I forgot capes. Well for any of you dying to see pictures please feel free to venture on over to her blog at www.Jodidavisphotography.blogspot.com this has pictures of our escapade. If you want to look at her galleries and get her info please go to her website at www.jodidavisphotography.com. She really is an amazing photographer.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bad Luck...Laura

So I think maybe I might have bad luck. First we were in the car accident and no one was hurt...but me. Then it has taken forever to get a police report done and we have no car. Insurance would give us one but we are not 25 and therefore cannot drive a rental car. Then I fall exiting the shower and have a very purple thigh. and now we forgot to shut our garage last night and we were robbed. That's right some jerk came into our garage and stole our little 50 motorcycle and about $1500.00 worth of paintball crap. and I cut a chunck of hair off while sewing. I may need to have an exorcism preformed. this is just getting silly. And you know what almost all of these things have happened on a sunday...Dang you Satan.
Anyways when I am Having a hard time I like to sew, Takes my mind off of things and I usually have a happy ending. So here are the couple of projects I finished this week. I am very happy with them all and they look adorable on.
This dresses are by far my favorite things that I have made in a long time. The patterns were easy and best of all the fabric was cheep, it cost me about 90 cents to make each of them.

The girls wore these to church today and they are even cuter on my little beauties then on these hangers. I am really pleased with this turnout.

This is a terrible picture I know. But the next one is better it is on Leila, who looks fantastic n purple due to her dark features.

Hailey is awfully cute in it as well. I miss calculated length though. They were supposed to be mini dresses to be worn with leggings but my girls have such long legs that they turned out to be more of a tunic style.
This shirt is really cute on I will post some pictures when I get them. I love the back and how it over locks it looks so cute with a shirt underneath it for winter or a cute little back sticking out in the summer. And I absolutely love the snaps they are bright pink that match with the flowers on the shirt. This is one of my favorite shirt patterns that I have ever done.

If anyone is interested in these for their little ones let me know.

I see London, I see France

So a couple of weeks ago we started the potty training with Hailey. Well I was pretty scared, but to my suprise she was amazing, a potty training savant really. It took her a total of 5 days to be completely potty trained. We started on monday (the 7th) and by friday she did not have any accidents. I am so proud of her she is truly an amazing little cutie. She has been so excited to wear big girl panties. My mom takes them to buy underwear when they become potty trained, afterwards we went to my sisters house and after bath Miss decided that she was going to put on all 6 pairs of underwear. So yes these are the most adorable pictures ever.

Is she not the cutest little thing you have ever seen? I love this little girl so much, anyone will tell you that she is hillarious and a little jabber mouth. Thank you Hailey for being so dang cute.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our little puppy

So for those of you who do not know we have a puppy and her name is Leila Reese. That's right our darling little baby thinks she is a dog, her tongue is always out she even does the little hehehe thing too. I must admit though it is pretty stinking cute. With her crawling it is so funny, she will sit under the kitchen table and wait for the kids to drop her some cereal. she even begs, uuhuuhuuh. Its freaking hilarious.

They all decided to be dogs in this last picture.

Well, she is definitely the cutest dog I have ever seen. she loves to stick that tongue out, all the time, therefore she is very slobbery as well. we love her anyways.


Well, the wedding is over now...a week ago actuallu but it has taken me forever to recoup from it. It was a beautiful wedding, alot of work though. Our two "waiters" never showed up so heath and I along with my sister and her husband and my cousin and his wife, cleared all dishes...twice, filled champagne glasses (with apple cider of course) and took care of all the food issues. It was so much work that we all were sore the next day. It was well worth it though. The dresses turned out amazing, the wedding dress fit her like a glove and turned out just stunning. I had some issues fitting the bridesmaids to their dresses, it was a hard one to do you will see why when I get some pics up. The flower girls were so adorable I can't even tell you. The skirts for us sisters were really cute too. the kids had so much fun, they partied harder then anyone else, they were jamming on the dance floor. it was so cute...fun times. I was so busy that I didn't get any pictures so if anyone has any please email them to me, laurawdavis@hotmail.com, thanks so much.