Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Times

Despite what you all may think after these pictures we are not whitetrash...we just like guns.

we like them so much we fall over laughing while we clap.

I love how the boys will shoot guns for hours. yep that's Mo and his Red Ryder he got for his B-day. Neil had to get out his gun and they shot the whole box of clay pigeons.

What fun boys have.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sleep walking?

I know it is so late but I had to Blog that Heath and I watched a movie tonight, yeah for us, when I went to brush my teeth I found Miss Hailey. Hailey was sleeping on the ground in front of Morgin's room right next to the bathroom. I am so mad that I do not have a camera so as to document this little excursion of hers. We find her all the time sleeping in the most odd of places, after we have put her to bed in her room. What is really funny is that she didn't just come into the room that we were in, which is right by her room. I think that maybe she might be sleep walking. My sister Amy was a sleep walker so I guess it could be possible...right?

Sleep walking?

These boots were made for walking.

YEAH for me I can do pictures now!!! So my children love to put on shoes. Hailey will change hers 5 times a day. But there all time favorite is boots. Hailey has a pink pair, and Mo as everyone who has ever seen him knows he has a brown pair. The kid wears them everywhere, even in his swimsuits. They also Love the Ruckers, my sister married one and we grew up together. There is a debate among my children which one is the biggest. Hailey is team John and Morgin votes for Tom. Anyways they had a field day putting on unkle Neils boots. You should have seen them trying to walk all around the house in these, as if Hailey isn't clumsy enough.b

I love Mo's "picture" smile. and I am pretty sure he is shirtless in like all his pictures from age 2 on.

Hailey was trying so hard to put on the boots Mo has on and they were too tall, longer than her legs so unkle Neil found her a shorter pair. Sooo sweet.

Here are Hailey's pink boots. The boys called me Stupid when I bought them but the boys always ask where they are when she doesn't have them on.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How'd I do?

Well the boutique was this weekend as you all know. It was a lot of fun, I am really glad that I went I learned a ton about what I want to do and where I want to go Businesswise. I think that I sold a total of like 5 things...maybe it was more like 3. I really am not all that dissapointed. I was not prepared like I wanted to be and I was very unorganized. I will do much better at my next show...whenever that will be. I have a show planned for November, so get ready because it will be awesome.

Miss hailey gets here cast off this wednesday, I cannot be more excited. not that she hasn't done a great job with it but because it is soooo skanky. It is falling apart, literally, and it is pretty stinky, and she totally put it in my sisters pool tonight, yuck! I cannot wait to stop worrying about the stupid thing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Okay everyone I am doing a boutique this friday and saturday and would like to invite all. It will be awesome! There will be lots of really cool buys there. not just my adorable stuff!!!. Here is the flier. It is in mesa, right off of ValVista and Southern.Give me a call if you need directions.
480-650-8927, or email I will be bringing dress up stuff, tutu's and capes, dresses, shirts, blessing gowns and hooded robes as well as a new little creation valises (which are so stinkin cute), please try and stop by it's going to be a blast.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where have we been?

I Know it has been forever. But we have been having so much fun!!! Where to start...well, we went to lake powell and had a blast (no pic's my camera is broken, not that I know how to get them onto my blog), the kids played hard and loved it soooo much. We had to come back early though, so sad daddy had to work. Upon the second day home Miss Hailey and Mo were playing, rather wildly might I add, and she fell off the couch and fractured her tibia that's right a 12 inch fall and we have a spiral fracture my friends. She has to wear a cast for 4 weeks. Well it has been almost 3 and I cannot wait for it to come off. She has done so well though, she is an amazing little girl. Well just 4 days after we got a brand new cast we headed off to spend a week on the beach in California. Thank heavens for doctors who sent us to Hailey got a nice blue rubber boot that sucks out all the air and allows her to go in the water, it seriously is fabulous. We have been home for a week now and I anm still trying to catch up on laundry, and it's never ending. But on a fabulous note miss Hailey has decided that she is ready to go poopoo on the potty, and has done so twice today! Hurray for independance.

I am also busy getting ready for a festival. That's right I am taking my wares to a festival and I got to tell you I am so nervous. What if nothing sells? All this sewing and beading and embroidery for nothing. I am really excited though, just to get out and try my dream. I would someday love to open a boutique but that will have to wait till at least I am done having kids. I must confess my biggest fear and weakness.....FAILING!!!