Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holy Crap is our ANNIVERSARY!!!

Okay so it's not officially until the 31st but we will be gone then. I cannot believe that we are having our 6th year anniversary. How time flies when you are having fun, birthing children and working. Sorry the pictures look so bad but I straight up just scanned them in, using our cheap printer. And this is not my favorite picture, my face looks super fat, but these were before the time of Jodi Davis Photography (BooHoo). I cannot believe how little we look, I guess were only 18 though.
I am totally not one to do the sappy "How I love thee let me count the ways" sort of thing, it's just not how we roll. So here is the list of why I love Heath and why these past 6 have been the best.

1. You always think I am pretty even when I am not, which is alot.
2. You let me be a stay at home mom and have all the fun.
3. You will always eat my food, it's not always the best.
4. You make fun of my chinese farts, which are not even "smelly chinese farts" but really funny none the less.
5. You gave me 3 adorable kids to play with, mess with and have fun with.
6. You support my sewing addiction.
7. You have the funniest bodily functions which you can summon upon request.
8. You let me make fun of you, and you return the favor.
9. you are always the mean one when it comes to saying "NO" the kids, family and pretty much anyone in general.
10. You know how afraid I am of bugs in the bed and will check anytime I am of need.
11. You vaccum out my car for me. Anyone who has seen my car knows what a labor of love this one is.
12. You make me laugh so hard I pee my pants, Literally I was like 7 months preg and I PEED MY PANTS!
13. You never mind when I decide to play all day and never clean up. AKA. forts, crayons, paint, fabric and messy all over.
14. You have the most gorgeous blue eyes and fantastic booty, that's right I said it.
15. You let me count your freckles, which are my favorite quality of yours, well their neck and neck with your booty.
16. You are a master of tickles, the kids can vouch on that one.
17. According to Mo you are a superhero and I agree.
18. You can drive backwards really well, it's amost scary how good.
19. Cinnamon Bears are your favorite candy. There is nothing cuter then a grown man eating little red bears.
20. You help decide when things are ugly, funky, wierd, not right, tweeky, scrunchy, and anyother word I can think of to descride some wrong thing while sewing.
21. Your voice when you talk to our daughters.
22. Your voice (and face)when we talk about our daughters getting older.
23. How you play with MO.
24. when you sing, you are a very good singer.
25. I am going to stop here or go on forever. But one of my favorite things about us is that you would rather stay at home with me then go out, period.
We are going to Flagstaff this weekend suckas. See ya later

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ha HA Ha continued

They are now discussing why real people can't go into the tv and be in the movie. And Mo just called Hailey wierd for thinking that she can...I think I need to go.


Ha Ha Ha

So any of you who know Mo knows that he does not like to wear shirts, shoes, underwear or jeans. So basically my son lives in "comfy" pants, shorts or anything that falls in the comfy catagory. Anyways I am sitting here blog hopping and I hear this.

Mo: Hailey stop looking at my belly
insert Leila: My turn
Hailey: If you had a shirt on I would look at it.
Mo: *silence*...STOP LOOKING AT MY BELLY!!!
Hailey: I CAN'T!
Mo: Fine I'll put a blanky on
Leila: My turn

Time passes

Hailey: Share the blanky
Mo: No. I don't wamt you to see my belly.
Leila: My turn

Can you tell what Leila's favorite thing to say is? What would I do with out children?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Leila update

I know these pictures are really, really old but I just found them and they are so cute.
So our little Leila is getting so big. The girl is literally chatting my ears off. She is talking so much it is crazy. She now forms full and sometimes pretty complex sentences. It is fun to see the combinations she comes up with. My favorite sentence is "MOM, I want you" which is usually said at bedtime in an attempt to lure me into sitting with her. And on that note, yes she is fully transitioned into her dig girl bed. We occasionally "have", by "have" I mean we "like", to go sit with her until she falls asleep. She still sneaks into our bedroom in the morning, but who is going to turn down Leila cuddles? not I.
She has also taking to calling my Mom "Honey". As in "Honey, I want a candy". Where would she pick up such a nickname. Well she was at my parents house while I was at the spa, thank you Starr it was a wonderful gift, and my dad whom we call "Papa", came in and called my mom honey. Now Leila things that we are supposed to call my mom Honey. I must admit it is really stinking cute.
She has also hit the dreaded Make-up stage. All you with girls know what I am talking about. So right now my girls are actually fighting over lip smackers berrylicious chapstick, oh and a princess shoe. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.