Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring has sprung

I guess it's spring...I have been asked by like everyone I know to eithe sew or alter something for a wedding. I think this is how you tell when it is spring in AZ, everyone is getting hitched. It is CRAZY!!! I have Heath's cousins wedding, a total of 6 skirts and 6 tops, a wedding dress alteration, a bridesmaids alteration (she's 6 months prego), and now a skirt for a mom and dress for a daughter. WOW I didn't realize how much I had until just now. But you know I am so excited to get started I have really had nothing to do since my sisters wedding and yes I kind of get a little bored sewing for me and the girls, I like to spice it up sometimes with adding a million projects.
And I love alterations they are by far my favorite part of sewing, I know alot of people hate them but I really enjoy the fact that 1. it can get dfficult. 2. it is always different, it's never really the same. and 3. it gives me a break from my constant sweat shop work as I like to call it.

So anyone needing alterations give me a call, now it the time to bust out skirts and dresses. I Love Spring.

Book Review

So I finished this book a couple of days ago and I must say it was a fantastic read. It is so well written. It is about Dracula, but it is not the traditional "I want to suck your blood" type book. It is written from a historical view, which I think adds greatly to the scariness of the book. It is very reminiscient of Brhm Stokers Dracula in that alot of it is written in letters. My only complaint of the book is that the letters were a little wordy. Now I know you want to describe fully so the reader can imagine the scene but lets face it no one writes a letter like a book, it was a little annoying but a great read I highly recomend it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wildlife World Zoo

For those of you who have not been to the wildlife world zoo it is awesome. They have all kinds of animals that you can feed, Birds, giraffs, petting/feeding pen. Anyways we went for valentines day it was so much fun the kids had a blast. Here is a picture recap.

The petting/feeding pen was full of some very fierce competitors one of which was a llama. Not just any llama but a baby, bully llama. This llama preety much scared the crap out of me as you can see by this picture. Please note my face...TERRIFIED!!! And NO I have no issues wih karate kicking a baby llama as you can tell from my leg coming up, yeah I'm chinese suckas. Also notice that the right hand is going into judo chop mode, this is a common occurrence when I feel threatened. needless to say I won the battle...and the war. But the jerk did eat a button off my sweater, touche baby llama.

The giraffes are PIMP. This is the dad and yes we're allowed to feed them. They have these freakin long tongues that come out and scare the crap out of you, whactch out Gene Simmons your being shown up my friend.

I like feeding the birds the best. They are so friendly, but a word to the wise, when they call the two minute, if you like our clothes crapless.

I could not resist this picture, sure it looks like this llama is sweetly looking at my little girl. But if you really look at it's beady little eyes what do you see, revenge that's what it see's. He knows thats my kid.
Here is it again trying to take out the weekest of the Davis'. It was a lucky thing I was there with my ninja skills. Thank you Papa for teaching me so well, you are a wise master.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

chucky cheesus

So Morgin who is 4 and Jazmyn, my cousin, who is three had a fantastic conversation in the car the other day. It went like this

Mo: "When you die you get to go to heaven to live with heavenly father and jesus. A long time ago we used to live in heaven with jesus and we were soooo HAPPY!"

Jaz: "?????" look on her face.

Mo: "Then we were born and came to earth to live with our mom and dad. And if we are good listeners we get to go back to heaven to live with jesus. I love jesus, he's AWESOME."

Jaz: silence and confusion on her face.

A couple of minutes pass and Jazzy says "Morgin we get to go to chucky cheesus?"

I must say this has been one of my favorite conversations between two children. Jazzy's family is not religious and so it was so foreign to her. I guess when she heard going to jesus she thought it was going to chucky cheesus. I love it when kids talk to each other it is always a good laugh.