Friday, December 21, 2007

Poor, Poor, Car

Well I had a lvely drive this morning to Florence, That's right an hour from my house, to look at my poor car. When we got there I was suprised that there wasn't a bigger bash in my car. Here are the pictures. The guy there said that is may not look bad but that there is major structural damage to the frame of the car. It is pretty much totalled. I believe he said "there ain't no way in hell to fix the damned thing" he was a charming man by the way.

I LOVED this vehicle and am so sad to see it like this. Funny story, I got in a little fight with ister towman. apparently the girl who hit us told him that she had a green arrow and that the accident was our fault and I was trying to explain to him that no it was her fault and I don't know if he was to dumb to understand what I was saying or if he just really liked the other girl but he was totally like "it was your fault". I finally just said, "I don't care what she told you, but the officer has called me twice to say it was her fault, he has 5 witnesses that agree." that shut him up. Crazy old bastard, By the way he straight up had a DONKEY tied up in the yard...I wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to be rude.

Dress update

So my sisters wedding is January 5th. My mother and I have literally been working around the clock to finish 5 bridesmaid dresses, 8 flower girl dresses, two dresses for my sister and I who are not "IN" the wedding, and lastly 1 Fantastic wedding dress. Thus far we are almost done on everything. I must say that my mother is AMAZING!!! she is doing majority of the sewing, I am cutting and pattern making/altering. anyways we have got the wedding dress pattern finished, the dress cut out and peices sewn together. this is how far we are.

by the way this dress is gorgeous. It is out of Dupioni silk (a raw silk).
There will be ruching on the dress, which is what that little tuck is we just wanted to see what it would look like.

This has been my first ever wedding dress, pattern and so in turn my first train. I had no idea what I was doing and so I lengthened the skirt and widened the bottom and then maped out what I wanted the train to look like and cut it after it was sewn together and it has worked wonderfully.

So all we have left to do is to
1. finish train and hem bottom.
2. embroider the bodice.
3. rouche the dress and train.
4. add boning to the lining.
5. add built in bra to lining.
6. attach the dress to the lining.
7. put a zipper in.
8. put buttons all the way down the back of the dress.

I know it seems a bit overwhelming but I am so honored to be able to help with the making of such a beautiful, special dress for my sister, it truly has been made with love. I must say I love to sew for people, I get such joy out of creating such beauty for others. I hope this dress is everything she dreamed of. I will post more pictures when we are done with it.

Please let me know what you think of the dress or if you have any suggestions...I love constructive criticism.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Heath, Leila, and I were in a car accident sunday night. We are all okay. We were going straight through the light, that was green, and a girl turned left right in front of us. Heath slammed on the brakes and swerved out of the way, but she kept comming and ran right into us. She hit the front of the car on the drivers side. Luckily leila was and is fine she doesn't have a bump, bruise or anything. Heath has a little bruise on his chest, from the airbag, but nothing major. I was hit pretty hard by my airbag and then slammed into the door. My eye was cut on something and I looked like quasymoto last night (I know that's not how you spell it) my arm and shoulder are bruised and killing me, my head has a bunp and I have some war wounds but I couldn't have asked for a better baby and husband are okay, that's really all that matters. The car is pretty much totalled, which is so sad it was a great car, the other girls car is really bad too. We are just counting our blessings that everyone walked away okay, minus the cars. Thank you to all who helped us that night you guys are fantastic.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Leila Reese Davis is officially a crawler and I'lltell you it is about time. She has been wanting to crawl for weeks. Shes started this morning, I went to my sisters house to load up my hidden chrusstmas presents and I put Leila on the floor while closing the trunk i hear her usual screaming "get back here and pick me up you blasted woman. wawawa". walk in the door and she is crawling across the room as she is yelling her head off. it was pretty darn cute if you ask me. And now that she can crawl she is going all over the place. I am so happy for her she wanted it so bad. I will post a video of her crawling tomorrow mine is a little ...crappy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We went and got a christmas tree and I must say my house smells GREAT!!! No offense but I don't understand you posers with your fake trees...this is way better. Anyways we went and got a tree and it was so much fun, The kids had a great time. I know this is kind of alot of pictures but they are so cute.
I know this picture isn't the greatest but you get the general idea of the splendor.

Mo just had to put the star on top, yes I know we have not put on our kick-ass ornaments but the best is yet to come, okay I forgot to buy hooks.

Is this not the cutest face ever? Leila loves the tree. she is so enthralled by it, she will sit and touch the branches for literally minutes at a time, awesome a couple of minutes minus baby.

My cute little family, I love them even though they look a little disheveled, well this is what we look like at night.

I love this picture Leila was helping Heath put the lights on the tree.

And she didn't want to let go of it. It took like 5 minutes before she would let go of the lights it was really cute. She then cried when we pried them out of her little grabby fingers.

Yes, she has NO pants on. For some reason she thinks that pants do not apply to her therefore she always looks like this at home.

And lastly I was worried about the uneveness of our beautiful tree. So worried that I had to sit in deep thought as to how we could fix the situation...alas an empty DVD box does the trick and I am once again happy and fullfilled. Well once we do get some decor on the tree you will be AMAZED my friends.

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Girls

I LOVE tuesday mornings. The girls and I have a kindemusik class on tuesdays and it is so nice, it is a time that we get to go have some girl time. we sing and dance (which is our true love) and just have so much fun being girls. I have music with Mo on friday. I recomend taking a class with your kids it is a great way to bond individually with your kids. It is so funny I look at this picture and people are right Hailey looks nothing like me, and she is so disheveled from rolling around on the floor, I promise her hair looked fantastic that morning.

I am completely aware that my mouth looks weird in this photo but what are you gonna do. It's my first real photo in like 4 years, take that suckas.

I love how concentrated they are in this picture. Leila loves books, she will sit and read books for hours, it's adorable.

Is this not the cutest face ever...I like to say she looks like me even though I myself am not drop dead gorgeous as she is. How pretty are her black eyes? I love them, you seriously just get lost in them, she is one of those babies who stares into your eyes and breaks your heart. I love it.

I like how Leila's mouth is open in like every picture I have of her. I gues it's her concentrated face.

Can you freain believe Hailey's fantastic hair, I hate to say it but I am totally jealous of my 2 year olds hair...yes I am that shallow (and okay with the fact that I am).

I love having my girls I grew up with sisters and hope that my girls can be as close as we are, what's life without a sister. I am so proud of my little ones and i love getting to watch them grow up and have the priviledge of being their mom it's great, and I love that they are so girly and such Mama's girls. Thanks Cuties for picking me.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I pretty much buy new ornaments every year, I don't like to store stuff and I like a "new" christmas every year...we do keep made ornaments. Well this year Mo wanted to make all the the tree decor so we did and let me tell you he did a great job. 2 ornaments later Hailey was bored and left to play make-up. about 5 ornaments later Leila got bored and started screaming her head off so Mo and I deided to postpone until tomorrow. We haven't gotten a tree yet but we are going to make popcorn garlands this week too, I think on wednesday if anyone wants to come and make one too, the more the merrier.

He was so proud of this...thing. Whatever it ishe loves it and so do I. He is so sweet he made it for me to "keep me safe, because it has pokeys on it."

How cute are they? Hailey did all the pink ones, of course.


So we were all eating ice cream and Leila pitched a fit, how dare we eat without her so we gave her the cone with a little excess ice cream and she was in heaven. she kept putting the cone in her mouth and letting go. He is so stinking cute.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Blog

Hey all I have created a special blog just for my OOH-LA-LA Boutique items. Please view it so you can see all the wonderful stuff we have. It all makes for really great christmas presents to pretty much anyone in the family.

Just click on the OOH-LA-LA Blog link.