Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Luke's a month!

So I know I am a little late with this but EVERYONE has been sick, love the flu season. Anyways my little chunky monkey is now a month, I still can't get photos to load so no pics today (I have to take my card to walmart and hve them put my pics on cd and then if I am lucky I can get them to load), boo! I took him to the doctor today and the man, yes man is 14lbs 5oz! that adds up to a pound a week since birth, nice I know, we are trying to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records for most wieght gained. But in all seriousness, the kid is sooo stinking cute. I will go to walmart tomorrow and get my pics put on cd because he is seriously so cute...he is a mini Heath.

My parents are throwing Luke a Red Egg party this Saturday, it's a Chinese thing. There will be good food, compliments of my Papa, and a chance to catch up if you want to come email me and I will send you an invite with all the info.


Monday, October 19, 2009


It's my birthday today. I am now 25! We will discuss this further tomorrow, can't get anything to load, peice of crap.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


SO Luke Arrived on October 8th 2009 at 10:32 am. It was a really easy labor and delivery and he was a whopping 9lbs 5oz (jerelyn you were 1oz away so you WIN!) he was 21 and 3/4 inches long and freakin adorable. Here are some pics.

Me as a new Mom (again) I know I look so lovely (hahaha) But he is really cute that makes up for my appearance right?

He was pretty bruised up at first so right here his little nose and nose bridge is so swollen.

Here he is fresh. Yes he is as big as he looks the picture is NOT decieving.

This would be my HUGE self before he was born. Yes, I was that big this picture is also NOT decieving. And I know you are all so jealous that you don't look this AMAZING in a hospital gown.

I guess I will post more pictures when my camera decides to cooperate with me. Thanks to my mother for the pictures.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Baby!

Okay not yet but on the way. For those of you who do not know I am now 4 days over due.

Anyways I went to see my doctor today, Roger Seymann (yes it is pronounced see-men). I took him a cinnamon roll from sweet cakes and some cookies for his receptionists, they are the nicest girls ever. Anyways he said I was dialated to 3 and that my cervix was nice and soft. So my options are to wait until Saturday and be induced or go into labor. Seeings how I have been trying to do the latter for like 2 weeks I opted for being induced on Saturday. He then informs me that he will be out of town this weekend and that he leaves tomorrow afternoon. I beg for him to stay and let his wife, who already left have a nice weekend alone, he of course is a good husband and refuses the offer to stay and birth my child. I then inform him that I must now confiscate the delicious cinnamon roll. I do not like other people to deliver my children. Hailey was delivered by someone pulled in from the hall because the doctor "on call" would not listen when I said "she is coming NOW!" So I ask him if I could just wait for him to come back to be induced (I've waited this long right?). He says "NO" it is not a good ides to wait any longer then a week. The delicious cinnamon roll must have been dancing in his head because he said that if they have an opening he will induce me first thing in the morning and hope I have the baby before he leaves. But even better they have an opening tonight at 10pm and that I can have it. So now the only thing that matters is waiting until he comes on at 6 in the morning. So I hope you all have a wonderful night tonight because mine is gonna be work. I have never been so happy at the thought of such pain, the joys of motherhood right? So next post will definitely be a baby post.

I just want to say that Sweet Cakes treats are AMAZING!!! I owe it all to you. You should go they are on main street in mesa...delicious.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still Pregnant!

Okay so I am now officially 2 days over my due date and it is agony. I went this morning for an ultrasound to make sure that there is enough fluid to contain the beast safely. I could not be happier that everything is good but on the other hand I kind of wish it was low so they would take him. The tech is estimating that he weights about 9lbs 8oz. So I am pretty much housing the HULK in my womb. She did say that she tends to guess on the big side. They did a couple of pictures of him so here they are.

He had his hands in front of his face the whole time so it was hard to get a clear shot of him. But you can tell that he has some fat little cheeks.

And Heath loves this last one, can you tell what it is??? I guess there is no doubt that he is a boy. It's funny he never wants to show us his face but he is always more then happy to show off his manhood. He is DEFFINITELY a boy.

Alright so I have a CONTEST!!! Guess baby Luke's weight and if you are the closest I will send you a little present. I am guessing 9lbs 2oz. I am not in the drawing though so if you want to take my guess you can.

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay I would like to appologize to my like 3 readers for not updating in like a year, jeeze I am lazy. I am not going to lie I have had the time to do it I just haven't. SO I guess I will start with updates.

Heath- He is doing well. Work has been pretty busy so that is a plus. He knee hasn't been bugging him as much either so also a plus. And he has gotten to do some Dove hunting trips with my brother and Mia's boy Aaron. Also he has a birthday next week. October 9th he will turn the big 25! Can you believe he is so old?

Morgin- Mo has started kindergarten at Eduprize and he loves it. His teacher is Mrs.Klump and she is so sweet and amazing. He is reading and spelling and it is just amazing to see and help with his learning and progression. Kids truly are amazing. He is forgoing soccer this season on account of his little bro comming so soon, but is excited to do it this winter. He is also skateboarding like a pro, okay like a pro in my eyes, I can't believe the balance he has.

Hailey- Miss is doing preschool this year and she is likewise incredible. She is our quiet genious where as Mo likes to broadcast his. She is doing great at all her beginning sounds and getting down her prereading skills. She is also extremely adorable. She has grown like a weed this summer and is almost as big as Morgin is. She is our little mother and is so excited for luke to get here so she can take care of him.

Leila- Oh, where to start with little sassy pants. Her favorite thing to say to me when she gets mad is "your not my friend anymore" and "Mia's not your friend" (Mia is my little sister, yeah she hits below the belt) I am not quite sure where exactly she learned either of those but she likes to belt them out whenever she can. She is also into the terrible horrible two's. In other words she does not like to listen to us, and she does not like to follow the rules, and she yells alot. But at the same time she is so much fun. She has the most amazing imagination and will come up with the most adorable games to play with herself. Her vocab is amazing she speaks like a 4 year old and she looks like a 3 year old. She is so tall it is crazy.

Laura- Well I am about to pop literally. I am due in a week and it feels like I have been pregnant for a year I swear. My Due date is Saturday, October 3rd, but I do not see it happening on time, hopefully I am wrong. We have definitely decided on Luke for the babies name but are unsure of the middle name, I like Daniel after my little brother. My wonderful mother and I started preschool in August and we have the most amazing class this year we couldn't be happier...well it would be nice if Leila wasn't such a stinker. She is learning the rules just not obeying them, oh to be 2 1/2. Well hopefully the next post will be a baby post and really soon...like tomorrow (HAHAHA).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hailey's Birthday

Oksy I know I am really late and I have not posted in like 4 weeks but whatever! Well on May 29th Miss Hailey turned 4. I canot believe she is so big. The boys went on a father's and son's campout so it was just us girls. We did a Princess Party and it was so much fun. We decorated purses and magic mirrors along with tiara's of course. Here are a couple of pic's of the fun.
Yes, this girl with the Giant belly is me. I am huge.

Does anyone else think it is a little crazy how much Leila looks like me? Sometimes it freaks me out to have someone who looks identical to my childhood pictures romping around my house...Good thing I was a cute kid.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Toy!

As if we need any new toys, Heath has decided to bring home a wii. It actually started with the revelation that another male is soon to joing the Davis bunch. Yes that's right the very same Wednesday that we found out that we were having another boy Heath must have had a fit of joy and ran out and purchased a wii. He comes home and says, "I have bought something to spoil the kids", aka.something for Mo and I, as the girls do not play video games.

He shows me this:

He them shows me this...which yes I have been playing all week and it is a glorious game.

We have also been doing alot of this.

and this.

And I will soon make Heath purchase me this, because nothing says working out and getting fit like a VIDEOGAME.

I must admit this is not as lame as I previously thought, it is actually alot of fun. We also got a Star Wars game and it is alot of fun too, and I do not even like fighting/killing games. And so kudos to you nintendo you have turned me into a husband and child killing machine (yes, I am really good at the Star Wars game Heath is proud). And so my friends if any are up for a wii night let us know we are game, but be warned we may kick your trash.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mo's day.

So I woke Mo up this morning at 7am. This is frightfully early for him as per the fact that he is as much a morning person as Heath is, bringing to light the fact that they believe 8am to be "early". Anyways I wake him up feed and dress him and then we all load into the car. FYI the girls and I were dressed and ready by 7:15am, we do not mind the mornings.

As we arrive at our destination he is more then happy to get out of the vehicle as we have been driving for a good 45 minutes, that's right folks we went in to MESA! We make it to my appointment and in to see the specialist and she then asks, "would you like to know what it is?" we answer "YES!!!" and she says "That's a boy! Your gonna have a brother." Mo then replies "YES!!!!" (in the hulk voice that all little boys have and love). And I pretty much believe that the following pictures describe how he feels much more then any words could ever do.

This is , and I would venture to guess, the best day Mo has had ever. And it was pretty good for me too. Heath had guessed that it was a girl, he has been right with the last 3 and I had no reason to doubt him yet I doubted and I was for ONCE right.

So yes we are having another little Heath, a BOY!!! I am so excited because Heath and Mo are so excited. Here is our list of names and mind you it is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I am terrible with boy names.
Heath: Ace and Luke
Laura: Ace, Luke, Tristan, Garrett
Morgin: Anakin, Leo (as in Leonardo, the ninja turtle), and Goku (from Dragon Ball Z)
Hailey: Prince Phillip, Baby Korbyn (Debbie's baby) and "Anakin is probably okay"
Leila: "Baby sister", and "I a big sister!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day--scariest book ever

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all you wonderful mothers out there I hope you all have a wonderful day and your family is as good to you as mine have been.

It is currently 2:53pm and I would LOVE to share my highlights with you.

7:00am, Leila enters my room crying and shaking. The conversation is as follows:

Leila: Mommy I scared.
Mommy: What are you scared of baby? (pulling her up to my bed and praying to God that she will just go to sleep so I can sleep in on this lovely day of Mother's)
L: The scary duck will get me.
M: What scary duck?
L:the scary bad duck in the scary duck book. (yes her vocab is this good at barely 2)
M: It's okay Mommy will keep you safe, lets go to sleep.
L: (histerical) Mom the ducky book will get me. (literally shaking)
M: Okay lets go get the book.

We then get up and retrieve said scaru duck book and I try to put it up on the fridge.

L: NO!!! The duck will get me from up up high.
M: what do you want me to do with it?
L: frow it in the garbage. The big garbage outside.
M: Okay.

I do NOT throw perfectly good, adorable books away, so I go out front and put it in the car.

L: Thank you Mommy you saved me.

This is one reason why I absolutely love being a mother and having a 2 year old.

Here is the scary book you may all want to hide your copy, just in case. What isa funny is this is a super cute book. I am not sure why she thinks the duck is so scary.

My second lovely memory of today would be Hailey. After waking up and taking the book out I was pretty disheveled, AKA I needed a shower. I get Leila some breakfast and Hailey asks me to get her some. So I lean down give her a hug and say " Good morning sweet girl, did you sleep well?" Well my sweet girl leans away and says "Mom, your breath stinks and you need a shower, your hair looks terrible!" My reply "I love you to (your breath reaks too but you don't see me singing it)"
I LOVE being a Mother.
And my last memory of today was this morning when I finished getting ready, yes I showered. anyways I walk out and Heath says " hey beautiful" and Morgin say's " she's not beautiful Dad she's GEORGEOUS!!!"
I absolutely love my children and Heath for being so kind as to supply me with them and the means to be a stay at home mom, it is the hardest most frustrating and often disgusting but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Double beds?

Do you ever have one of those nights where you wish you had his and her beds?
So the other night I was peacfully dreaming of a good nights sleep when Heath, my loving husband, rolls over and his huge ass hand lands right on my face. Yes that is right he totally back hands me at like 4:00 in the morning. It hurt so bad I cried. I thankfully did not get a black eye or anything like that. I know he would feel so horrible that I have decided not to tell him about his midnight beating. But my face hurt for like 2 days. So if I should happen to show up with bruises it's just Heath sleep-beating...no worries.
ps. Heath is not in anyway a wife beater. Love ya babe.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Swimming Lessons + Karate Lessons

Okay it is summertime. I am looking for swimming lessons for my kids. Does anyone know someone or someplace that is really good. Last year we did AquaTots and about went bankrupt...They are so expensive. Plus I would rather not have to drive all the way to mesa to do lessons. So if you know anyone who is doing them in Queen Creek could you please email me their info.
Also a friend of mine is going to come out and do Karate lessons for ages 4-6 at my house (again no where in Queen Creek to send Mo) It will be Wednesday mornings from 10 until 10:45am. it's once a week, and the best part is she is only going to charge $10 a class or $40 a month. everywhere I was looking for Mo was like $90 a month, so this fixes my problem. It will just be for the summer. If interested email me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What has been going on

Well we have done alot of crap since I last posted but my camera is still being a bastard so there is no showing you yet.

We took a fun family trip up to Flagstaff to play in the snow and it was a BLAST!!! we threw snow balls. One hit Leila right in the face it was the funniest most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed. We also went sleding which the girls absolutely Loved. I knew Mo would like it but I wasn't sure about Hailey and Leila. They could not get enough of it. Mia fell pretty bad after a big hill and a big jump. Leila was so cute. she kept looking down the hill at Mia saying" Aunt Mia fall down! Oh no. Aunt Mia hurt, oh, give her loves, she okay? oh no". Her response was so cute.

I registered Morgin for Kindergarten! I know this doesn't seem like a pivotal moment for some, but this is my baby, and he's going to go to KINDERGARTEN. I am not freaking out yet but come august I am sure I will be in shambles, or praising the education system for having kindergarten, AKA I may be sick of him by then.

Our insurance company has decided to be a bunch of bastards and tell us that they are NOT going to cover any of this pregnancy and labor. This event has been the most catastrophic to me. For some reason I find this to be very stressfull. Heath on the other hand just says "we'll be fine we always are. I love you don't worry about it." yes, yes he is very sweet but I am a stresser, it's what I do. So I have been trying to figure out what all our options are. I am leaning towards blowing them all up (I am totally just kidding no one call the police). But I really do hate them all, right now anyways.

Heath has torn his muniscus in his knee again. Luckily he is in no pain so the doc says we should just leave it be, so we will. He will need a knee replacement in 20 years.

Spring break was this week so we went to the zoo on Monday with Deb, my mom and Venetia. We had a blast it was really busy though. Tuesday we went to the museum with my aunt and her grandson and then Mo went and played over there, while I drove to Phoenix to FINALLY purchase sitting chairs for our front room, I love them. Wednesday Mo went to a friends house and Hailey's friends came over and us moms did Hairbows. And Today we went back to the Zoo it was CRAZY. we had to park at the stadium and be bussed over. It was so busy but so much fun. We have had one of the best spring breaks this year. I am sorry to start the routine back up.

Happy time off school, Laura

Friday, February 27, 2009


I am TIRED! All the time. Does anyone want to come and do my laundry? I am anal about my dishes, I think it's because they are in the "living space" but I can just shut the laundry door. Maybe if I took the door off it would give me the incentive to do it all...I don't think so either. Well, I hope you all have a great weekend.

Sleepily yours, Laura

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ooh baby, baby

SO a couple of weeks ago Heath and I found out we are expecting our 4th child. We waited to say anything until I visited my doc. Well I was a little mad after my visit. My uderus is tilted so I couldn't hear the heartbeat, which lets face it is the only GOOD thing about the visit. I am 8 weeks along and due October 3, 2009. I must say this kid is already giving me a run, I have been feeling so sick and tired it's ridiculous. I am told I am lucky that I don't throw up but those who do lose like 5 pounds in the begining and then gain 25, I just end up gaining like 40lbs (no, I am not exagerating, I am a fatty). Morgin says he NEEDS a brother and that I better have a boy, he also wants to name it Anakin, or Obeone. Hailey says I should have "A princess, we'll name her sleeping beauty". And Leila just keeps poking my belly saying "baby in there?" like "what the hell are you talking about?" she's excited. I think at this point Heath is more excited then I am, but I just feel like a fat, lazy, hippo and I haven't even gained any weight...Crying! I'll be in a better mood when I finally hear the heartbeat, it makes it real for me. Well wish me luck, I'M GONNA HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So Cassie tagged me.

The rules are:
1. Go to your documents/pictures.
2. Go to your 6th file.
3. Go to your 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.
6. So here we go...

This is a fantastic picture of my Dad and Morgin at the beach. This is from 2 years ago? Almost 2 years ago? Something like that. Anyways we were at the beach and Morgin and my Dad were, well being themselves and posing for pictures like this. I know they are both super strong so don't be too intimidated.
They are a handsome bunch and when you get the two of them together they are even funnier.

Okay I tag.
Debbie, because you need to update already!!!
Ali, you also need to update.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holy Crap is our ANNIVERSARY!!!

Okay so it's not officially until the 31st but we will be gone then. I cannot believe that we are having our 6th year anniversary. How time flies when you are having fun, birthing children and working. Sorry the pictures look so bad but I straight up just scanned them in, using our cheap printer. And this is not my favorite picture, my face looks super fat, but these were before the time of Jodi Davis Photography (BooHoo). I cannot believe how little we look, I guess were only 18 though.
I am totally not one to do the sappy "How I love thee let me count the ways" sort of thing, it's just not how we roll. So here is the list of why I love Heath and why these past 6 have been the best.

1. You always think I am pretty even when I am not, which is alot.
2. You let me be a stay at home mom and have all the fun.
3. You will always eat my food, it's not always the best.
4. You make fun of my chinese farts, which are not even "smelly chinese farts" but really funny none the less.
5. You gave me 3 adorable kids to play with, mess with and have fun with.
6. You support my sewing addiction.
7. You have the funniest bodily functions which you can summon upon request.
8. You let me make fun of you, and you return the favor.
9. you are always the mean one when it comes to saying "NO"...to the kids, family and pretty much anyone in general.
10. You know how afraid I am of bugs in the bed and will check anytime I am of need.
11. You vaccum out my car for me. Anyone who has seen my car knows what a labor of love this one is.
12. You make me laugh so hard I pee my pants, Literally I was like 7 months preg and I PEED MY PANTS!
13. You never mind when I decide to play all day and never clean up. AKA. forts, crayons, paint, fabric and messy all over.
14. You have the most gorgeous blue eyes and fantastic booty, that's right I said it.
15. You let me count your freckles, which are my favorite quality of yours, well their neck and neck with your booty.
16. You are a master of tickles, the kids can vouch on that one.
17. According to Mo you are a superhero and I agree.
18. You can drive backwards really well, it's amost scary how good.
19. Cinnamon Bears are your favorite candy. There is nothing cuter then a grown man eating little red bears.
20. You help decide when things are ugly, funky, wierd, not right, tweeky, scrunchy, and anyother word I can think of to descride some wrong thing while sewing.
21. Your voice when you talk to our daughters.
22. Your voice (and face)when we talk about our daughters getting older.
23. How you play with MO.
24. when you sing, you are a very good singer.
25. I am going to stop here or go on forever. But one of my favorite things about us is that you would rather stay at home with me then go out, period.
We are going to Flagstaff this weekend suckas. See ya later

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ha HA Ha continued

They are now discussing why real people can't go into the tv and be in the movie. And Mo just called Hailey wierd for thinking that she can...I think I need to go.


Ha Ha Ha

So any of you who know Mo knows that he does not like to wear shirts, shoes, underwear or jeans. So basically my son lives in "comfy" pants, shorts or anything that falls in the comfy catagory. Anyways I am sitting here blog hopping and I hear this.

Mo: Hailey stop looking at my belly
insert Leila: My turn
Hailey: If you had a shirt on I would look at it.
Mo: *silence*...STOP LOOKING AT MY BELLY!!!
Hailey: I CAN'T!
Mo: Fine I'll put a blanky on
Leila: My turn

Time passes

Hailey: Share the blanky
Mo: No. I don't wamt you to see my belly.
Leila: My turn

Can you tell what Leila's favorite thing to say is? What would I do with out children?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Leila update

I know these pictures are really, really old but I just found them and they are so cute.
So our little Leila is getting so big. The girl is literally chatting my ears off. She is talking so much it is crazy. She now forms full and sometimes pretty complex sentences. It is fun to see the combinations she comes up with. My favorite sentence is "MOM, I want you" which is usually said at bedtime in an attempt to lure me into sitting with her. And on that note, yes she is fully transitioned into her dig girl bed. We occasionally "have", by "have" I mean we "like", to go sit with her until she falls asleep. She still sneaks into our bedroom in the morning, but who is going to turn down Leila cuddles? not I.
She has also taking to calling my Mom "Honey". As in "Honey, I want a candy". Where would she pick up such a nickname. Well she was at my parents house while I was at the spa, thank you Starr it was a wonderful gift, and my dad whom we call "Papa", came in and called my mom honey. Now Leila things that we are supposed to call my mom Honey. I must admit it is really stinking cute.
She has also hit the dreaded Make-up stage. All you with girls know what I am talking about. So right now my girls are actually fighting over lip smackers berrylicious chapstick, oh and a princess shoe. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.