Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Did we not tell you? We are hairdressers now and this is what we did. (this was a couple of months ago but unforgettable)


you can still see the ponytail holder still in their.

When I asked her "why?" she said, "I had to take my pony out." meaning she was cutting her ponytail holder out. Heath says to her "So sad now you don't have princess hair" he says to him matter of factly, "I have princess hair in the back still DAD!" and she looked at him like " Duh, Dumbass". And the sad thing is this is the second time she has cut her hair...she is doomed to always have a bob, it's going to take years to grow out. Sad. Very sad.


Kelsie said...

OH MY GOSH!! that is SSOO SAD!! but you never know she could grow up to be a wonderful hairdresser!! hows baby Luke?

Stefany Pew said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is my WORST nightmare EVER! She cut it in the worst possible place too. So sorry!!! Good thing she so stinkin' cute or else I'd be crying right along with you!