Friday, September 19, 2008


So this little monkey, named MORGIN for any who didn't know, is getting so big it is RIDICULOUS. As most of you know I am doing preschool in my home this year, yes I still have spots available. Anyways I have started word blending with this little man and to my delight, and amazement he is doing awesome. word blending is when I show him "AT" we then put different letters in front to form other words ie. "b" bat, "c" cat. He was catching on so fast it was crazy by the end of our 15 min session he wasn't even needing any promptings from me. He can now read one whole book on his own, it's a repetition book, "I see a ____" shows picture on each page and same words exept the last. So it's not like he is reading DR.SUESS or anything but this is the begining of reading and he is doing so good and I could not be more proud of this kid, I can't believe how smart he is. He is so much like me, he loves to learn and finds it so exciting when he understands something. I love having him at home and I am SO sad that he will go to school next year. I literally get anxiety thinking about not having my kids at home to play with. What will we do with Mo gone all day? He is so much freaking FUN!!! I lOVE THIS KID.